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Thread: This group I have.

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    This group I have.

    I have this Google group with 3,000 members and I dont really make new proxies anymore. The group is just laying idle for the last few months. I was thinking of selling blasts on it for 2 urls for $1 or something. Does this sound like anything anyone would be interested in? If so I'll code a thing on that will accept orders of the email blasts sort of like how has.
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    please make that system. i am also have active group of 1600 member and growing daily.
    we can combined our group to sell blast
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    Well, members doesn't always equal traffic as most of them may not visit every proxy blasted. Some members may not even be "active" anymore. Nationality of members also matters.

    These things should be considered when setting the price.
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    Blasts used to sell for 1$/1000 members before, but the prices have been dropping a lot the past few months. 0,50$ per URL isn't too much, you can always try it but try to do it manual first to see if there is enough interest for it. Eventually if you don't want to do the effort to search for clients, I might be able to help you a little bit -- but you also have an awesome proxy reputation on DP so it probably won't be a problem
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    Hmm, while you aren't doing anything would you like me to add it into the Anonymode newsletter? I'll just send it updates and you can tell me when to stop whenever.
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