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Thread: Guides for New Proxy Owners

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    Thanks Will. I have been planning to start a proxy site for a long time now. Maybe I will do it in the near future.

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    Thanks for the links, you may also want to add Web Proxy Facts on that list. It has a few useful articles.
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    Amazing collection you've got there. I might apply some of these techniques to my proxies.

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    Might want to pay attention to the threads your trying to self promote in as this thread was for guides and not lists.

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    Here is a free guide for web proxy promotion, it's a little outdated but the concepts still apply.

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    I wrote a tutorial to put Adverts in PHProxy in the proxy pages.

    Adding Ads to Proxy Page in PHProxy | Tutorial
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keldorn View Post
    I wrote a tutorial to put Adverts in PHProxy in the proxy pages.

    Adding Ads to Proxy Page in PHProxy | Tutorial

    Thanks, never knew how to put them under the url bar.

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