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Thread: Having a problem with @proxy script

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    Having a problem with @proxy script


    When submitting new proxies toProxy Central - Web Proxy Directory
    I get this error message "Warning: fopen(/home/proxysam/etc/geoip/GeoIP.dat) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/granahub/public_html/ on line 314
    Can not open /home/proxysam/etc/geoip/GeoIP.dat"

    I haven't changed anything, and updated GeoIP.dat, still the problem (2 days old) persists.

    Any idea?


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    I figured it out. Copied the GeoIP stuff to the same CPanel account under which the proxy lists run, and buff ... it works again.

    (I did work well for months, but there might has been a CPanel update which stopped the cross CPanel account GeoIP config from working)

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    You get the error because the complete path name is in the 'submit-proxy.php' file. However you can remove the path so it just has the GeoIP.dat file listed, it works on any cpanel account and doesn't need to be changed when moving hosting then. There are 5 instances like this:
                                            $gi = geoip_open("/home/granahub/public_html/",GEOIP_STANDARD);
                                            $country = geoip_country_name_by_addr($gi, $websiteip);
    They need changing to:
                                            $gi = geoip_open("GeoIP.dat",GEOIP_STANDARD);
                                            $country = geoip_country_name_by_addr($gi, $websiteip);
    Then you can have the GeoIP file in public_html. Good idea to update the file from maxmind too, the supplied one is a year old now. It will help stop the blank country ID's as a lot have changed in the last 12 months.
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    Of course did I update the GeoIPdat as well, and thanks for your valuable advice

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