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Thread: Help me with this code

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    Help me with this code

    Hi ,

    I actually coded a php to check for backlink on all the sites listed on my Proxy List Site .

    I even used usleep to get over the time limit set by server people , but still the script would stop working after few checks

    Here is the link you can see :

    Backlink Checker

    The code for same is :

    PHP Code:

    ""// Set this to your domain

    $list file_get_contents("new.txt");
    $urls explode ("\n"$list);

    "<B>Checking back links to $mydomain....</B><P><FONT SIZE=-1>";

        foreach (
    $urls as $url) {
    date('h:i:s') . "<br />";

    //sleep for 10 seconds

    //start again
    echo date('h:i:s');

        if (
    strlen ($url)) {
    $url "<B><FONT COLOR=";
        if (
    strpos (file_get_contents($url), $mydomain) != FALSE) {
    "GREEN> Found";
        } else {
    "RED> Missing";

    New.txt is written with the help of another php file which connects to DB and writes the details to new.txt

    Please look into code and help me & also tell me how to add to avoid for a site which is down so it doesnt stop my script?


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    Yeah I had this trouble, what happened was sometimes it would hit a dead link and wouldn't resolve, and it would make the script die.
    You should do this will cURL and set the timeout like 10 seconds
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT,10);
    curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_TIMEOUT,10);

    instead of strpos use preg_match with a regural expression,

    if(!preg_match('#<a[^>]+href\s*=\s*(["\\\']?)http://(?:www\.)?example\.com#i', $website_html)){
    echo "This is bad!";
    Submit new proxies -

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