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Thread: Help!! Smowtion Media , How to get approval for proxy sites?

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    Help!! Smowtion Media , How to get approval for proxy sites?

    Hi guys,

    Many of you guys are using smowtion media for proxy sites...
    Yesterday i got signed up. my account is approved, but now when i try to add a website for approval it asks many info about it.

    Any one can help me what are the best thing to write or tic for fast proxy site approval.

    Help me proxy GURU's...

    here is the screenshot (what to select and write?)

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    I would pick the 15-20 age and then a category/s that you think would show ads kids are most likely to visit (click). Since I wouldn't count on misclicks on politics or some random category.

    That's my thinking when I had to pick these.

    Side note** You sure you can show smowtion on proxies? Thought I read here or DP that they were dropping proxy sites and not paying out. Perhaps someone here can verify that. Never used them before.

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    but i saw people use smowtion on proxies... there is a thread about payment proof here in nb...

    do you think should i select gaming or social networking,,,,,still not sure which one gets the best $$ on ads

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    Smowtion has disabled serving ads for the most and my best proxies. I used to make about 10$ a day for the proxified pages. Currently, I am using Adbrite, but earnings are down a lot.

    Some days ago someone approached me for the referral links which gives publisher +20% earnings. The guy signed up with Smowtion, but hes proxy got

    Their policy towards proxies is obscure, and their communication (usually the don't even respond to tickets) is lousy.

    Thus, you had better a plan B how to monetize proxies. You don't know for sure whether they will accept your proxy, but when they do, they might stop serving ads without notice (as was the case with me).

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