How to add Adbrite to your Proxifed pages

How to add AdBrite to your proxified pages of PHProxy.
Step 1: Create a account with adbrite.
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Click here to make an adbrite account.
Click on Learn More, Then click on Get Started. Fill out the form and precede to step 2.
Step 2: Create an adzone:
Choose ad formats
I suggest the main banner to show all the options, Banner and text ads, Full Page Ads and Inline ads.
Ad specs
I use the 728 X 90 Leaderboard, with great success, and the default colors have worked fine with me. I keep it on auto-approve, and just reject ads after, but choose what you prefer.
Describe your site
Fill in the information best you can. I suggest placing a lot of keywords. Choose a category , both A&E General and Technology General have yielded the best results for me.
Pricing options
Use this if you have another ad network with a set pricing and only want to displace AdBrite if it beats that price.
Get Code - Modify it to work correctly!
Finally, we get the code! But we have to do a simple modification before we can use it on proxified pages. Open a blank .txt: paste your adbrite ad code:
Use the find and replace function to
Find: ‘
Replace with \
This will yield a code which we can use in our Index.php and is the code that should be inserted when advised.
Step 3 Installing the code
Open Index.php in notepad
Use “find” find on your index.php and find the bolded line
$_url_form .= ‘
Place your modified ad code right below the line you just searched for:

Save your index.php and upload or Follow the remaining directions to add a 2nd adzone, on the bottom.
How to add Adbrite Ads to the bottom of your proxified pages!
Step 4: Follow the above guide’s Step 1 And Step 2 to create a new adzone and modify the code.
Step 5: Open a blank.txt and paste the following code:
$pattern = "#<br /><div style="z-index:3" class="smallfont" align="center">Search Engine Friendly URLs by <a rel="nofollow" href="">vBSEO</a> 3.2.0</div><br /><div style="z-index:3" class="smallfont" align="center">Search Engine Friendly URLs by <a rel="nofollow" href="">vBSEO</a> 3.2.0</div></body>#i";
preg_match($pattern,$_response_body, $matches);
$_response_body = preg_replace($pattern, '

<!-- BEGIN STANDARD TAG - 728 x 90 - ROS: Run-of-site - DO NOT MODIFY -->
(replace with adbrite adzone Bottom)
<!-- END TAG -->

</center></body>', $_response_body); //the replace function
Step 6: Adding your adbrite code
Insert your modified Adbrite bottom code, where it says “(replace with adbrite adzone Bottom)” You’ve completed the code, now I’ll show you where to paste it. MAKE SURE you’ve MODIFIED your ADBRITE as stated in step 2, or it won’t work.
Step 7: Use “find” find on your index.php and find the italicized line below
$_response_keys[’content-length’] = ‘Content-Length’;
Paste your code from step 6 directly below that line.

Step 8: Save your index.php and upload. You’re done.

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