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Thread: How to block certain countries

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    How to block certain countries

    Can anybody tell me herehow can I block visitors from certain countries to use my proxies??
    I am getting lots of visitors from Arab countries and it is just waste of bandwidth Because this traffic does not generate any revenue.
    Plus I am using glype script and a cpanel hosting.

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    I'm sure there is a solution posted somewhere on the forum. called GeoIP or something

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    There must be an easier way to do it. I mean by glype admin panel or something. I am a real newbie if we talk about coding etc.

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    You can use block a country, block by ip address, deny access by country and it produces a list you can cut and paste into your htaccess file.

    Probably the simplest solution for newbies


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    Have a read through these, should get you started in the right direction.

    If you want to go with htaccess blocking, there's another alternative which I think is a little more accurate compared to the Blockacountry Lists:

    I think last time I used blockacountry my IP range was incorrectly listed as china.
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    I finally got around to using geoip. It was simple once I got the hang of it. Looked intimidating at first, so I procrastinated for ages on trying it out.
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