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Thread: How to block this proxy ?

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    How to block this proxy ?

    I want to block this proxy to proxify my site, but i can't block it ...

    This page appears as duplicate content for my site Proxy List , and i have a lot of problems with this proxy list being able to rank only for term.

    Tried htacess but will not block his IP or domain, i think he is using a trick or there is something between.

  2. Could it be that you have successfully blocked, but he has your web site cached?
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    I wasn't able to block his domain or IP, , i don't think, if i close my site his proxified page will also dissapear.

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    Though this was suppose to be something google was fixing ages ago here is an article I have has bookmarked for sometime related to this is and gives resources on ways to help prevent it.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
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