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Thread: how to detect adblocker

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    how to detect adblocker

    hi all

    i need advice how to detect adblocker , so when user enter to my webproxy must be disable it or automatic disable.

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    Check this page: XegmentDelta - Anti-Adblock by D3xt3r

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Why would you need it on a proxy? The whole point of a proxy is for users to be able to access it at schools where they can't install/configure their own settings. I doubt they would have adblock installed.

    On the other hand, my own school's filter has adblock included...but I wouldn't want to just blanket ban everybody for something I can't control (I'm not even sure if this script would stop it).
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    My school isn't using AdBlock, it uses a known antivirus blocking the ads, so actually there is not much you can do. I wish you good luck with the Adblock-stopper as I never got it to work on my proxies so never used it
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I know how it works

    I have a working Anti Adblock solution. If you want it you can get it for 10 USD. PM me. Buy HTTP and SOCKS Proxy Lists | Enter your Web Proxies in this top ranked Web Proxy List | Free Web Proxy - works fine with YouTube | Forum for Blackhat & Whitehat SEO

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    Is using adblockers a good idea?

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    I would do it via .htaccess that redirects what looks like a typical banner ad to a PHP script that authorizes the page view. The script would not display anything but maybe set a cookie on the visitors browser that would be checked for by the other scripts on the site. No cookie, no access.

    Just thinking off the top of my head here ...

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