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Thread: How to Get More Traffic to My Proxy?

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    How to Get More Traffic to My Proxy?

    Ok, I have a proxy network and I am getting close to 500 UV per day from yahoo answers alone..what shall i do to scale it up to say 2k-3k UV per day..

    I don't want to submit to topsites cos most of them send traffic from Iran and Saudi. plus they lead to instant ban at schools..I don't want to do SEO either as I am busy SEOing up my other sites..
    I am planning to submit to google/yahoo groups...

    What more you think i should do??

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    Continue with Yahoo Answers. Make more accounts and answer more questions. Also I have found nothing wrong with toplists but haven't tried topsites.

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    Lists are honestly your best bet as you don't want to do SEO.

    Block Iran using GeoIP, isn't too hard at all.

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    Just a little thingie I would like to say.. if your proxy gets 500 uniques per day already, it means it's already blocked

    As soon as you hit the daily 200 uniques mark your proxy should be blocked because it means it's spreaded on a few sites already which the blocking companies check daily

    Your best thing to get more traffic are newsletters and lists though. Just try to limit your proxies to submit them to the best lists only (TF, @P, WP etc)

    |Nico Lawsons

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    You say your doing well from Yahoo Answers however I keep getting blocked for promoting my proxy. How are you getting around this?

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    SEO and proxy sites actually dont mix. Becuase the words you use to optimize your site for high rankings are "Stop" words that will get it blocked. Now you just shot yourself in the foot.

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