So I was doing some random checking in my referrers on a site of mine and say an odd link that was coming from when I went to I find a clone of my network sites. Even the new banner I just put up on the site.

I use the site as a proxy and it loads the page with the same url as there site but its using my proxified page on there domain name if that makes sense it has all my code and advertisers. The main site has my adsense and exact code down to the footer links.

How the hell is he doing this? It is not my domain a who is shows a Liu hu owns it.

Rather freaky he is using a scraped site or ? dont know how as the script requires a license and I know that site doesnt have one so some how he is echoing my site. He is giving me free backlinks and possibly more income since its my ads on it.

How is able to echo the php code? I can actually edit his site content via my title.php file which a include line is added on all my sites for quick editing of one file and it can actually change the content on a site I dont own.

Checking the ip on the site given is the same ip for these are dedicated ips and my site is the only one on it WHM