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Thread: how to increase earning...

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    how to increase earning...

    i am getting only 1-5 cent on each click from adsense.

    can you suggest me how i can increase this rate. many time i am get up to 50cent each click but in rare case. highest i get paid is 96cent from one click.

    Plz help me.
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    Let me guess, most of your websites are proxies?

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    yes brother. otherwise why i am asking in proxy section.
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    I am in the same boat. Nothing much you can do.

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    Try experimenting. I had very poor earnings once. I changed templates every week to see which one brought in the most income, and finally I found my choice.

    Research and experimenting will lead to more income.

    PS: I am currently creating survey questions , to see what makes people click on ads and when they do it, and why etc..

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    You should use themes adsenseproxy or stunning and default-pro Also you must submit it within 22.00 ( india Time), you will get the Traffic of USA

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    Meta tags money, free money, mobile phone, student loan, etc...
    and some text on your proxy related about these kewords.

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    heard that if you put social networking related paragraphs will also help.. it will make adsense blocks showing ads related to facebook, myspace, etc etc.. I don't know as I haven't tried it my self.

    In fact, I am currently looking for a reasonable proxy hosting with reliable performance, any suggestions are welcome.

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