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Thread: How much do you spend on monthly proxy advertising?

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    I know you probably would not like to disclose information as how much you make from the proxy lists so I'm not going to ask, unless it's ok with you. earned $707.23 from AdSense in May. That data is from Google Analytics. In the same month, it earned $552.16 from submission fees.

    I am tracking my other proxy lists using URL channels in the AdSense portal. Here is a sanitized report from May showing the data Google will allow me to share.

    The proxy niche is very competitive and has poor revenue potential. But, it's fun and I really dislike censorship.
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    Thanks for posting that screenshot Will, showed us a lil' bit which sites do well and which don't I'll have to post my ProxB payment proof too.. But there's almost nothing there as I have almost no ads on the pages with most visitors.

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    I'm not spending much on advertising mainly because my revenues been poor lately. Im spending about 10-15 bucks a month on advertising, which is looking like nothing compared to all you successors out there.

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    I've gone from spending $15/month to $5 (sometimes even less). Most of that is just for Tech Faq, and the occasional newsletter blast. I've realized that the best traffic is the Yahoo! Answers free traffic that I can get.
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