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Thread: How to promot a Proxy List?

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    How to promot a Proxy List?

    What are the best ways of promoting a proxy list site? beside a few forums i know i do not see how else to proxy a proxy list site.

    I can not find any proxy list sites that allow me to submit my proxy list what is kinda getting hard to promote them.

  2. is a good site to promote proxy lists on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebEvader View Post is a good site to promote proxy lists on.
    But i thought that was just for proxy sites, as when i am on submit [age there is no option to chose proxy list, proxy list site, top site ect.

  4. You can definitely submit proxy lists to that site ...

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    promote in forums, y answers, groups, social networking, social bookmarking, search engines

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    Its definitely not easy. I advertise my proxy list on my proxies - always gets at least some traffic.

    Long term its SEO all the way.

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