Hello, my name is xxcorrosionxx and I will tell you how to setup a free proxy site 100% free. There are alot of hosts out their that want to make a profit with a proxy service. But, why make a e-commerce profit when our economy today is slowing turning into the next depression? Am I right? Anyway, the things you will need is this!

------- Things You Will Need -------

Free Webhosting - W/ cURL, Php (Updated PHP Version)
A Proxy Script
A Domain Name

Alright since the above information is all you need follow these steps now!

------- Follow Me & Succede -------

1: Sign up using and change the country to your (preferred country) so you can read the templates text and understand what to do. Also, confirm it using your email and then login, using the details they give you. Either use the ftp login, or login using their webbased control panel.

2: Now, since you're logged into the control panel or ftp server; download the proxy script i have provided. The proxy script was not made by me, how ever I did alter it using basic html. and php coding. You may see a demo here Anonymous Browsing.

3: Drag and drop the files to your ftp server or online control panel and once it has transfered you may either close your control panel or ftp server or simply view your subdomain or domain that you have made with

4: Have fun viewing sites like facebook,, and other social networking sites. Oh, and you can edit using basic web coding.

------- Things to know -------

Some administrators have filters on their servers that once a day go through logs and blocks certain sites. Some are blocked by ip addresses, domain addresses, emails, and or country.

Most block the domain and ip address. To bypass the domain simply find a host that has php & cURL installed on the server and upload the script to the host and enjoy. Make sure you use a different host because they might block the same domain you have used as a subdomain.

Also, I forgot, their are certain block functions administrators have that will allow them to pick keywords to block in a meta tag of the html template. Which means if i have the word facebook in the meta tag of a site, the server will automatically block it once viewed. But, only advanced administrators know about that kinda security.

------- Add me on facebook -------

If you have any questions you can add me on facebook/xxcorrosionxx or email me or email me here on the site.

------- Post Scriptum -------

For other free webhosting, free domains, and other proxy services come talk to me and I can help you out!

Kindest Regards,