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Thread: Http proxy account needed, not proxy hosting :)

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    Http proxy account needed, not proxy hosting :)

    I live in South Korea and I need a proxy account to download files at a speed at least at 600kb/s. I've searched the internet and all I can find are proxy *hosting* websites.

    I just need a 50gb account which will give me an IP and login and password so I can go on my merry way. Is 600kb/s actually an available speed I can get?

    Would anyone have any recommendations for a cheap, reliable provider for individual HTTP proxy accounts?

    I need to route all my internet access through a proxy (or VPN?) so I can download using a download manager, not just through a web browser.

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    correct me if i am wrong but remote computer can work well.
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    You can rent a VPS in your desired location and use Squid as a http proxy, or use Putty for a socks5 SSH proxy.
    Make sure the datacenter you use allows personal or open proxies however. Some dont allow it.
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    When I was in University I used a service,, I believe. My student housing did not allow access to any sort of downloading, torrents, or even usenet. It was something like $3 a month, and worked like a socks proxy. You'd run the client software they gave you, and route all traffic through your localhost and specific port the software ran on, and it would then route through it's ips.

    I don't know if the service is still as good now as it was then, or if it's even running at all, but I see the website is still up.

    Also as dollar said, getting your own vps, you could setup a proxy, or even your own vpn connection would be best.

  5. NB member Ari recommends WiTopia.
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