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Thread: I got in!

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    thanks, I really didn't know much about adversal. I hope I get accepted.

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    I don't like AdVersal as it annoys visitors :/
    Anyway, good luck with them

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    I got accepted as well
    I applied yesterday and got email today that my app was approved

    I think they are accpting people right now , this is the right time to apply
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  4. What do you mean by you can earn a lot? Compared to what? And how much is a lot with a proxy site?

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    It's the best popunder solution for proxified pages. My CPM is averaging around .50 for the first day, compared to .02 for GlobalInteractive.
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    Hurray! I got in too! Finally. I reapplied on the 11th when I saw this thread, got an email on the 15th inquiring about my country stats and block lists, responded and got my acceptance today!

    Now I just need to figure out whats up with the limit settings, I have it set to 3 but it seems to be popping on every page load..took it down while I await a response from a support rep.

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    I still see this message, always, even now:

    At the current time, we are not accepting new accounts.

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