Hey everybody,

I have been laid off since March and in my downtime I have tried a few affiliate niches with no success. I recently discovered proxies and after lurking on the forum for a few weeks I finally created a couple with a few domains I had laying around. They have been running for approx 24 hours and now I have a few questions to ask.

The sites:

The domains I had lying around. I went with TMZ for the hosting; the very bottom proxy plan they offered just to test out because I have never tried anything like this before. Numerous times my cpanel would go down, and I would get weird bugs while using tools inside of cpanel; connection errors too. The sites would be very very slow to respond and sometimes throw weird cURL errors. What's the best way to find out as soon as possible what hardware I need to be stable and as fast as possible. Obviously dedicated of vps of some sort. I have also purchased an SSL from godaddy, but TMZ is taking there time getting to a helpdesk ticket to get my dedicated IP upgraded.

I have linkshared with all the links in the footer of the site as far as advertising goes, and submitted to search engines. I had 6 domains lying around, but I am only focusing on two. Dubnut with adsense and swvw for adbrite, adbrite also on proxified pages. I have banned most of the bad country IP blocks and only have traffic from about 12 countries including Iran at #2 in most traffic today. In my first 24 hours my stats are:


  • 322 Visits

  • 273 Absolute Unique Visitors

  • 888 Pageviews

swvw.net: (i made an error in the css and the site was down for like 6 hours before I noticed)

  • 167 Visits

  • 146 Absolute Unique Visitors

  • 399Pageviews


  • Adbrite views: 7556 with zero clicks for .030
  • Adsense only on dubnut: 935impressions, 2clicks - $1.10

Long story short:
Whats the best way to determine what type of hardware I may need to upgrade too based upon traffic.
And am I off to a good start in my first 24 hours of launch? Anything else I might want to do before its to late?