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Thread: Interesting behaviour of proxy users from my list

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    Interesting behaviour of proxy users from my list

    On my site Daily Updated New Proxy sites , Right now the hits is at 2178 for today ,yet the top proxies on the list are only showing a hundred hits. I was curious what was going on so I made a script that logs hits from the url.php file and logs it to a text file. This is the behavior what I saw., 11/Sep/2009:02:17:22 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    94.183.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:17:39 -0400, /url.php?id=3055
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:18:56 -0400, /url.php?id=2988
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:19:42 -0400, /url.php?id=2981
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:19:49 -0400, /url.php?id=2709
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:19:57 -0400, /url.php?id=2972
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:20:17 -0400, /url.php?id=2945
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:20:30 -0400, /url.php?id=2937

    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:20:41 -0400, /url.php?id=2596
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:20:49 -0400, /url.php?id=2588
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:20:50 -0400, /url.php?id=2545
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:21:26 -0400, /url.php?id=2932
    125.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:21:38 -0400, /url.php?id=3057
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:22:14 -0400, /url.php?id=2253
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:22:45 -0400, /url.php?id=2457
    75.83.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:25:50 -0400, /url.php?id=3061
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:25:56 -0400, /url.php?id=2681
    193.186.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:28:05 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:29:45 -0400, /url.php?id=2644
    202.75.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:30:05 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    214.13.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:32:10 -0400, /url.php?id=3061
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:34:47 -0400, /url.php?id=2948
    202.65.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:35:38 -0400, /url.php?id=3060
    213.217.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:35:44 -0400, /url.php?id=3061
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:36:29 -0400, /url.php?id=2407
    213.217.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:36:37 -0400, /url.php?id=3060
    202.65.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:36:44 -0400, /url.php?id=3049
    92.50.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:36:58 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    213.217.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:38:00 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:38:46 -0400, /url.php?id=2411
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:38:48 -0400, /url.php?id=3041
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:39:02 -0400, /url.php?id=3060
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:40:23 -0400, /url.php?id=2952
    89.46.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:41:32 -0400, /url.php?id=3052
    194.241.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:47:01 -0400, /url.php?id=3051
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:47:26 -0400, /url.php?id=2922
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:47:35 -0400, /url.php?id=2986
    66.196.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:47:45 -0400, /url.php?id=3061
    188.48.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:49:00 -0400, /url.php?id=3060
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:49:37 -0400, /url.php?id=2170
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:50:16 -0400, /url.php?id=3043
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:50:42 -0400, /url.php?id=2987
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:13 -0400, /url.php?id=3061
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:14 -0400, /url.php?id=3060
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:14 -0400, /url.php?id=3059
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:14 -0400, /url.php?id=3058
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:14 -0400, /url.php?id=3057
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:17 -0400, /url.php?id=3056
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:33 -0400, /url.php?id=2509
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:41 -0400, /url.php?id=2211
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:51:50 -0400, /url.php?id=2527
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:52:09 -0400, /url.php?id=2935
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:15 -0400, /url.php?id=2562
    91.16.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:53 -0400, /url.php?id=2383
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:54 -0400, /url.php?id=3055
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:55 -0400, /url.php?id=3054
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:56 -0400, /url.php?id=3053
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:53:56 -0400, /url.php?id=3052
    119.93.xx.xx, 11/Sep/2009:02:54:29 -0400, /url.php?id=3050
    What can you make of that? Looks like their not satisfied with the ones their visiting, they scroll threw the list and try dozens of them. Some come back only 10 minutes later and use a another one. This is a high% bounce rate. The log is full of this!
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    I get this on my list too, I'll see logs of a single visitor clicking through to a bunch of the (newest) proxies in the list.

    Sometimes I'll look up the IP of the visitor and it'll belong to something like (making this name up now) "Reno County School District", so I'm assuming it's either a student or admin from the school testing to see if any are working on their network.

    Other times the IP may belong to just a random residential network in a country that isn't the best converting for proxies, and which some owners might block, so again I assume the person doing so is going through the list to find one that works for them. I also track where clicks on my links are coming from, as in the referrer (my site [direct link] or from an external site [indirect]). This specific scenario tends to pop up on indirect clicks from proxy blogs that focus on mid-east or asian countries (I'm just guessing here if that's their focus since the blogs are in a language I can't read, lol). Side Note: I do like the little added exposure though, I like that the blog writers kept my link istead of just using the main proxies url, it helps get my lists name out there.

    And other times, I guess it's just people that like to check out different proxies and see which ones are working best for them.

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    It will be better if we know what kind of demographics you are promoting the site to .
    Well, I guess you are targetting school public.
    They need proxies to get on MySpace and facebook, but most proxies out there are not compatible with both these sites in that they do not allow signing into these sites.

    So the visitors come back for more proxies.

    But that should be a good thing for you [:P] .... more page loads for you ... maybe you could vary the ads position each time they reload the page.... this may get you more clicks ...

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