I"m trying to read netbuilders threw a proxy. lol
But! Whenver I click on a url that has new-post.html on it. It does 2 301 redirects.
And ends up redirecting a 404 error.

Trying putting the url below in the code tags into either of these Glype proxy sites: http://freesslproxy.com (mine) or http://guardtunnel.com (Someone else's)
(Guardtunnel doesn't return the same error message though. Mine is custom)

ERROR: 404

Attempted to Find: http://www.netbuilders.org/services/custom-flash-tutorials-5-per-tutorial-1-free-tutorial-every-2-tutorials-622.htm
This resource you requested returned the error: 404.
A 404 not found error occurs when the requested resource does not exist on a website.
Go back or Go to Homepage
Weird! That the not the post That was requested.
I noticed the same problem on Digitalpoint Forum has started recently too. My thoughts are the that VBSeo's 301 redirects get messed up somewhere in Glype.


I found the problem! Upon furthing examining. After you request the url with "new-post.html" VbSeo send a 302 moved redirect of
Location: http://www.netbuilders.org/showthread.php?p=70906#post70906
But Glype Truncates the "6" of the end and asked for
Which redirects to the thread about the custom flash tutorials, but even that a 404 becuase it then truncates the "l" of .html which we end up with.

Glype looks to have bug that needs some correcting.
What the hell is doing trunating the "6" off the url? Wierd..