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Thread: Joining a Proxy Google Group to Ban Proxies!

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    Joining a Proxy Google Group to Ban Proxies!

    I just got a sign-up to one of my Google Groups from this e-mail address: (I removed the first part for security reasons.)

    Now, it's possible that this could be a student of that school - but do you think it's common for teachers/instructors or anyone managing school website blocking to actually seek out groups that promote fresh proxies in an attempt to block them before they hit the students? I suppose it happens all the time, but I never really entertained the idea of them joining groups for such a purpose.

    Your thoughts?

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    Popular groups are sure to have filter company employees or administrators or such Anti-proxy people join in order to block proxies. Newer groups are most probably safe.
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    What i don't understand is why they use the .edu domain.

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    Definatley. I have had this happen to me!

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    I actually had a signup to one of my groups a while back from a catholic school here in Australia that my mother-in-law actually teaches at !!!

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