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Thread: Know Any High Traffic Proxy List that Uses 88x31 Banner as Recip?

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    Know Any High Traffic Proxy List that Uses 88x31 Banner as Recip?

    One of the proxy lists that I have been using on all of my sites has gone down for maintenance months ago and does not seem like it's coming back. I've decided to drop it. I had their 88x31 pixel banner on all of my sites, but now that it's gone there's a free slot for someone else' banner!

    Can anyone recommend a proxy list that gets good traffic (so it's actually worth adding to ALL of my sites) and uses an 88x31 pixel banner as the reciprocal link?


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    True, but I was thinking ask here since someone might actually be able to tell me if the list they use gets decent traffic.

    I'll still check that out, though. Won't hurt.

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