Yes this is another hate thread against spammers, seriously they ruined the proxy business and proxy lists owners are helping them, I really don't understand why proxy lists owners allow them to spam their lists with ..........
sites, its so annoying.

I took a long break from proxies and the last proxy I had was closed on September 2009, I sold my network, my google group, etc. so I decided to start from scratch with unique proxies with rare domains, unique designs, fast servers, etc.
I submit my proxy to 10 lists and what do I get 60 visits -.-
because the spammers are getting all the visits
I was going to submit my proxy to topbits but I felt it was a huge rip off to pay 1$ for 50 visits when last year I used to get 600-1000 visits for 1$, It seems I will have to spend at least 100$ on advertisement.

I'm pretty sure I will get people saying illogical things like
"crash your competition!" or "we all started somewhere"

but how can you compete against a group of spammers that submit around 10 proxies every 2 mins and most of them don't pay the listing fee.

PS: I would like to congratz all the proxy lists owners that have blocked, domains or that have tried to regulate their submission.

So this is my question for proxy lists owners?
why do you guys let greedy people ruin the fun for all of us? proxies last no more than 2 weeks, and they are slow, list owners should remember quality is better than quantity.

PS: I would like to congratz all the proxy lists owners that have blocked submissions.