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    Login Help Attn Moderator

    for whatever reason I cannot login into other than via a proxy.
    I am making a post as cannot use the Contacts form via a proxy to advise of the problem.
    Help appreciated. User tibbie naturally

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    Tibbie - Don't know what to tell you... I havent blocked a single IP near any you've entered on in the past, so you were not locked out by us. [I don't have any issue with you, and even if I did I'd have used an infraction or a ban long before an IP block.]

    Only possible other possibility I can think of is if there's been a block at the level of the owner of the server we're hosted on. If that's it, that would be out of my hands. Whatever caused your IP to bounce from here has nothing to do with actions I've taken or are aware of. Maybe it's something I'm not thinking of, but it's not the Netbuilders software blocking you. Try using a proxy and maybe it'll resolve itself.
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    This was all sorted out thanks. Simple expedient of setting up another account. Thanks Robjones

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