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Thread: Looking for proxy lists for 100 proxies

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    Looking for proxy lists for 100 proxies

    Hello there!

    I have 100 proxies and looking to advertise. If you have a toplist or any proxy advertisement website please contact me if you wish for me to add all 100 proxies.

    Im posting this because i can't add all 100 proxies manually to every website... I'd thought it would be easier to contact the owners and get them to mass insert.


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    You might have some luck looking this thread proxy lists I am not sure if I ever added my proxy list to it but its another one providing good traffic.

    Though I am not sure any of them off a means of mass submission. something I never had added as I was going for a automated site that I didnt have to mess with. Your welcome to add them its a simple process.

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    If you put a backlink to my site (<a href="">Proxy Sites<a/>) on all the sites you want me to add, AND they are not exact copies of each other, (different templates at least) I can add them all into
    Submit Your Proxies @

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    If they are not all on one 'parked' domain, so that all sites are the same than it's good Please add a valid backlink to (which you can find here: ProxB.Com | Submit your proxy ) and once that is done, PM me the URL's, I'll add them to the list.

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Check my signature, can find my proxy list...

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    Just to let you know.. They are all different domains, 10 sets of templates and all have unique logo.

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    Great. As long as there is some uniqueness between them (besides "Welcome to <domain>") they'll be added.
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    They ALL have unique content (Paragraphcs) and keywords. None are the same =). We didn't throw these up we took our time.

    Edit: Thanks nux for listing.

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    add a link to the above site somewhere and pm me the list.

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    Joel, Already added 10 before so your links on there =) Check PM for rest.


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