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Thread: Money!

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    Exclamation Money!

    hey, i been doing proxy's for about 2 months now and on google adsense i have made around $150 of 15 proxies

    i want to no would story's how many proxy's and how much you made.

    i wana know the real money behind of proxy's

    my story is at

    Proxy Blog

  2. I would edit those adsense screenshots !! CTR and eCPM are not allowed to be posted...

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    cheers for advice

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    I noticed your CTR is very low. Mine is at 0.95% average. You might want to block some of the not-so-profitable non-english speaking countries if your not already doing so.

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    DONE! check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpylumpy View Post
    cheers for advice
    yeh, i have done this today so we should see some improvement


  7. Yea, its fine now

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    Cool, good luck in future proxy business, but beware of smartpricing!

    |Nico Lawsons

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    5 proxies for the past 3 weeks.
    48,431 impressions, 132 clicks. $34.51 earned.

    Will be looking to setup more next month.
    Tight schedule this month.

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    these past 2 days i made 5 cents.... i think i been smart priced.... how i undo this? or is this impossible. i will get screen shots 2 see what u think

    Proxy Blog has been updated

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