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Thread: Monthly Coupons & Deals For Proxy Webmasters (June)

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    Monthly Coupons & Deals For Proxy Webmasters (June)

    ProxiesLounge has compiled a list of valid coupons for you to use for proxy web hosts plans, email blasts promotions, domains, SSL sertificates and a bunch more stuff that we buy on a regular basis.

    View or add more Coupons to our June list

    If you know any coupons or great deals for proxy webmasters like proxy hosting, email blast coupons, ebooks, ect please let us know so we could add it to the list.

    Thank you!

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    How are your posts listed? Why don't you list them as 'newest first'? Is there any good reason for that? (I might learn )

    And these deals look great, but I won't make any new proxies in summer so I'll skip this post and hope there is a newer one in September
    |Nico Lawsons

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    My posts are listed in chronological order, however those 2 posts are on top because I set those 2 articles as "sticky", it works just like in the forums. The reason is because CIA Theme For Glype is our newest theme and Top Proxy Lists because is the most active article at but this is just temporarily for a few days.

    I agree with you about the summer but I wanted to start our monthly coupon article which will be posted every month. It's a good way to keep the site active, 1 more post idea for every month and at the same time providing useful information and letting our readers know that we will look for all great deals to make sure they all save money while building, managing and hosting proxy websites.

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    New 50% off coupon added from one of the best proxy web host providers: Tech Entrance.

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