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Thread: Most creative method a proxy webmaster can earn money besides ad networks?

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    Most creative method a proxy webmaster can earn money besides ad networks?

    The only method I can come up right now would be selling ad spots on the proxified pages, are there more creative methods besides ad networks?
    Feel free to list as many as you like, I would like to learn new monetization methods for proxy sites,

    So my question is:

    What would you consider the most creative method a proxy webmaster can earn money from their proxy traffic besides ad networks?

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    The next best earner next to the advertisement companies for me are the following:
    - Email Blasts, just put an email form on the proxy and enjoy the money later
    - Proxy Lists, adding a banner on your proxy will give clicks to the list and that will let me earn money later on

    I've been trying to sell advertisement spots on proxies, but that just doesn't work -- Nobody wants to buy banners on 'proxies'
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Well the most creative proxy owners create their own methods that they don't share, cause if too many people start doing that too it doesn't work anymore.
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