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Thread: MY 161.50 $ Proxy Business Experiment

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    MY 161.50 $ Proxy Business Experiment

    First of all sorry for my bad(wrong) English , i will try my best to fix it.
    I was dreaming to make this experiment from more than year.
    Now from last months i start to save money in my paypal for can make this happend.

    The Experiment
    Its about Payed proxy advestering and what results we can exspect.In this way i will try save money to all of you.

    First of all i found more than 40 Proxy Top sites witch offer Advestering.
    Second i start to remove this that seems to not working right ( or this witch i think will give me zero traffic )

    After that i start submitting and paying.

    In next 30 days i will watch my Analytics for changes and after the 30 days i will show 3 winners ( 3 top sites from witch i get most traffic for less money )
    I think this is the best way because i don't wanna make anti-advestering to the sites who will send me less traffic than other.

    I'm not affiliate with any Top Site and i have never have a Top Site ( maybe on future i will )
    Some of the top sites not just wannt me to make the payment, they wannt from me subscription witch i cancel it right after the payment
    Sorry to all of you who has a top site and its not on my list.
    Its not too late to send me P.M here and add my site for Free , in case you make this i will add your site first in my list , and will add it on SPONSORED BY when the Challenge END

    If someone not add my site after the payment or not get any visit in next 3 days i will list it with Red mark here , sorry for that but i think normally proxy owners will need to know that.

    If you like my idea you can support me too by adding a backlink to my proxy site, this will make me think that my money don't go with wild.
    You can find my proxy in signature or P.M me.
    If Someone have a question or advice let me know.Any feedback will be welcome.

    P.S I don't even make a 1/3 per month of the money that i invest but the experiment was something like big wish.

    Site - Period - Money that cost

    Proxy Sites - New active proxy sites list 1 5,50
    Web Proxy List :: Anonymous Web Proxy List | Web Proxy Server List 1 30,00 2 10,00
    Find Proxy - Fast anonymous web proxy browsing with - Proxy Forum 1 25,00
    Proxy Top List | Home - Foous [dot] com 1 15,00
    Proxy List - Proxy Sites Directory - Great Proxy List 1 12,00
    Proxy Sites List 1 5,00
    Free Proxy List - web proxy, unblock web site, bypass filter 1 10,00
    Proxies - Fresh Proxies 1 10,00
    Proxy Buzz 1 5,00
    x Proxy List - Working Proxies Only 1 4,00
    Proxy Sites 1 15,00
    Free Proxy - Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxies 1 15,00

    Total = 161.50 $

    First sponsor come out

    Wish me good luck
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  2. Sounds like an awesome experiment!
    Submit Your Webmaster Related Sites to the NB Directory
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    Thank you, will try my best !

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    Sounds interesting

    Here are some more ideas for you to consider. For a proper experiment you should have a 'control' to compare results. I'd like to suggest that you have a second proxy site and submit to all the same lists but as ordinary listings, not featured, then you can see the difference between featured and non featured for each list too. It should be the same theme and same ad layout etc. so it's a fair comparison.

    Also proxy season has only a few more weeks before the summer break, so traffic will drop off and revenues will decrease (mentioned on another forum I believe) so two month listings might be wasted. You should get the cost of advertising back in more ad clicks from the increase in traffic but lower traffic will affect the returns. In my experience the first months of the year are best for traffic. I wouldn't wait any longer.

    Another service you should include imho is proxynoid, there's a thread here about that. It's still relatively newish but it does send to several lists for one listing and (the best bit) you can do it for free at first, there are coupons given on signup plus they can be found from a web search as well. It would cost nothing to do so you have nothing to lose.

    I can also make you an offer, for an 'honorable mention' but I'll PM you with that one

    Good luck.
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    Yep , You have right,
    The traffic will go down for sure.I dont belive that i will get my money back or something like this.
    Best things that i can get its some Backlink from people who support the experiment.
    Main idea will be to see witch one will send good traffic for less money.
    This will be not affected by "Summer Traffic Down" because topsite will send less traffic on same time if you got my idea.
    Sorry again for my really bad english !

    ---------- Post added at 11:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:34 AM ----------

    I will post first 24 hours results soon , because alot sites still dont add me after my payment.

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    Your site added to topproxylist .net It is Sunday though so some people might be relaxing not working. Plus also tomorrow, Monday, is vacation in US (Memorial Day) and UK (Spring Bank Holiday) so first results might be slow anyway.
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