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Thread: MY 161.50 $ Proxy Business Experiment

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    MY 161.50 $ Proxy Business Experiment

    First of all sorry for my bad(wrong) English , i will try my best to fix it.
    I was dreaming to make this experiment from more than year.
    Now from last months i start to save money in my paypal for can make this happend.

    The Experiment
    Its about Payed proxy advestering and what results we can exspect.In this way i will try save money to all of you.

    First of all i found more than 40 Proxy Top sites witch offer Advestering.
    Second i start to remove this that seems to not working right ( or this witch i think will give me zero traffic )

    After that i start submitting and paying.

    In next 30 days i will watch my Analytics for changes and after the 30 days i will show 3 winners ( 3 top sites from witch i get most traffic for less money )
    I think this is the best way because i don't wanna make anti-advestering to the sites who will send me less traffic than other.

    I'm not affiliate with any Top Site and i have never have a Top Site ( maybe on future i will )
    Some of the top sites not just wannt me to make the payment, they wannt from me subscription witch i cancel it right after the payment
    Sorry to all of you who has a top site and its not on my list.
    Its not too late to send me P.M here and add my site for Free , in case you make this i will add your site first in my list , and will add it on SPONSORED BY when the Challenge END

    If someone not add my site after the payment or not get any visit in next 3 days i will list it with Red mark here , sorry for that but i think normally proxy owners will need to know that.

    If you like my idea you can support me too by adding a backlink to my proxy site, this will make me think that my money don't go with wild.
    You can find my proxy in signature or P.M me.
    If Someone have a question or advice let me know.Any feedback will be welcome.

    P.S I don't even make a 1/3 per month of the money that i invest but the experiment was something like big wish.

    Site - Period - Money that cost

    Proxy Sites - New active proxy sites list 1 5,50
    Web Proxy List :: Anonymous Web Proxy List | Web Proxy Server List 1 30,00 2 10,00
    Find Proxy - Fast anonymous web proxy browsing with - Proxy Forum 1 25,00
    Proxy Top List | Home - Foous [dot] com 1 15,00
    Proxy List - Proxy Sites Directory - Great Proxy List 1 12,00
    Proxy Sites List 1 5,00
    Free Proxy List - web proxy, unblock web site, bypass filter 1 10,00
    Proxies - Fresh Proxies 1 10,00
    Proxy Buzz 1 5,00
    x Proxy List - Working Proxies Only 1 4,00
    Proxy Sites 1 15,00
    Free Proxy - Free Proxy Sites - Free Proxies 1 15,00

    Total = 161.50 $

    First sponsor come out

    Wish me good luck
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