I'm proud to say that I have broken $500 for the month of May from advertising earnings from my proxies UnblockBook.biz and GuardTunnel.com.

Half of it comes from AdSense, the rest is split evenly between xTendMedia (banners and popunders) and Adversal (popunders for just UnblockBook).

It's funny because I was planning to leave Adversal, but logging in this month I see its over $100 for just one site, I'm going back to it and I would have easily made another $100 if I didn't leave.

This is a great finish to the proxy season before summer happens. And just to those people who have given up on proxies - there is still earning potential.

PS: I've also made an additional $100 or so on my CPALead proxy, which I still haven't done much advertising on.