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Thread: My Mission!

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    My Mission!

    Hey dear fellow netbuilders!

    I would just like to tell you that i once owned 100 web proxies that sold for $400 . With only $20 earning because of none advertisement. (But was fully indexd and SEOd).

    And once again... im on a mission to do another 100 web proxies! but this time .info. The unique thing about our proxies is their all unique content and keywords and they all get indexed by around 30 search engines within 24 hours! .

    I've also developed a much better system which allows everything to pull its self in like the logo and the footers without editing anything! I've also added an option to easily edit the whole 100 proxy network with more options than my other 100!.

    Anyway going to get much more for these, around $600 + (Our SEO is just too awesome ). Once i've made them i am going to advertise them around if your interested in submitting 100 .info proxies to your toplist please send me a PM and in a week or two i will reply with the list.


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    Great, you can always add them too ProxB.Com or PM me the list of proxies

    |Nico Lawsons

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    Sounds like a good plan but wouldn't you make the same as before because of the cost .info domains? Maybe you should hold on to them for a bit longer so there is more traffic/revenue then sell for over $1K.

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    Well .info are more accepted on topsites etc than because people see them as spam which they ain't because you still have to pay for them... just not as much but we was planning to advertise for abit before sale.

  5. What's a good price for .info domains these days?
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  6. Feel Free to submit the sites to Free Proxy | Proxy Sites | Free Proxy List when you have created them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    What's a good price for .info domains these days?
    Developed .info's or new unregistered domains?

    Developed .info's can be bought for a lot of money.. or almost nothing.. but I'm sure you know that even better than I do

    Unregistered domains cost $1,20 at Godaddy.Com
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    What's a good price for .info domains these days?
    They are $2.98 over at Namecheap

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    Im buying new .info for $1.20 at godaddy =).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theproxynetwork View Post
    Im buying new .info for $1.20 at godaddy =).
    That's smart

    It adds up to a huge different when registering 100.

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