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    Hi, i run NiX Proxy Lists - Private Socks 5 Proxies - Free socks List - Fresh Proxy List - Free Proxy and im also the lead developer/designer of that site.

    Current traffic: 10K uniques/mo

    If you think that your site can send at least 100 monthly visitors, im interested in link exhange regardless of PR.

    What makes NiX´s site seperate from the masses?

    - Unique concept
    - Probably the best free online proxy checker
    - Our main database is auto checked every 6 hours to always provide you with fresh proxies
    - Free online proxy checker and your checked lists are saved to you for later use
    - All proxy lists in one place and the most updated lists

    Here's example: NiX Proxy Checker PRO 1.5.2 for Linux

    |NiX| Checked 45326 proxies in 2 hours 52 minutes 57 seconds. Threads used: 100 Working proxies: 2174

  2. If you are still interested, please let me know.
    My site: Web Proxy List and Proxy List Script -

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