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Thread: New Everything & Sent to Over 35,000 Members Proxy Newsletters and $.16 from Adsense?

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    New Everything & Sent to Over 35,000 Members Proxy Newsletters and $.16 from Adsense?

    Hello Guys,

    I am having a hard time understanding this one. Lately I have been having a hard time with Adsense. Ever since my earnings dropped from $30 a day I am making hardly anything.

    Here is what I did last night, I thought it would fix the problem.

    Brand New Dedicated Server
    Core2Quad 2.44Ghz
    3TB Bandwidth
    4 GB Ram

    Brand New Theme -

    1 Fresh .com Domain Brand new

    Blasted to over 20,000 Unmoderated Proxy Groups
    Blasted to over 17,000 Owned Groups

    Brand New Dedicated IP

    I did all of this and I logged on to Adsense expecting $10 and sure enough it said $.16.

    This was my first time with unmoderated groups but still I thought the turnout would of been a lot better. Shoot I was making $30 with just 17,000 Members.

    And as of 12 hours after the blasts only 500 impressions. This is the worst I have ever seen.

    I know it is summer but I have been making between $3-$15 a day from just blasting my 1 proxy a day to my Yahoo Groups.

    I even installed Google Analytics and it says 0, nothing.

    I just do not even understand.
    Any Thoughts?

  2. Maybe you should check out this thread.

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    Hey I'm having the same trouble. I was making something a little higher then your stated earning a day with everything (Cpm and adsense) and something happened sometime around January and it just slowly decreased smaller and smaller with each passing month, and I've been screwed to making Usually about $20 per day. I have no idea what happened other then maby its the recession.

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    I have no clue but I hope the school year start will change it.

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    A number of things are contributing to low earnings:

    -Summer. School is out
    -Unmoderated Groups won't get you any traffic.
    -Perhaps your Nameservers are/were blocked.
    - Google Analytics takes 24 hours to update I believe.
    -The proxy business is volatile. Things will pick up in September.

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    Rick, long time no talk.

    Come to find out Unmoderated Groups bring a large bit of traffic and a good resource for other materials.

    I can not wait to show you the new site design.


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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I have no clue but I hope the school year start will change it.

    Yes I hope so too. I've been trying to increase the earning, by buying new domains (as yourself) and advertising them, but no luck.
    Still earning the same thing. best its done is make me spend more money in day then I earn. Which wouldn't be too wise to repeat too much else land yourself in bankruptcy. The summer is the pits as far I can tell, I'm not really sure why so many are creating so many proxy sites. I think there is too many is the problem, this niche has become something like shouting match the wall-street stock exchange where everybody is scrambling for already shrinking resource (in this case end uers/visitors). I have a good feeling that come sept things should pick up and this should end look better.
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    I have a good feeling things will pick back up.

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    Don't be fooled by number of members in unmoderated groups. Most members in many unmoderated groups are proxy webmasters (Read spammers), who repost (Automatically?) proxies more times than paris hilton says something dumb.

    Good members have been probably driven out by truckloads of spam (For those who chose to receive new messages by mail). I have seen porn website links and such sh$t posted in unmoderated groups. Enough said?

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    You have to understand, there are plenty of unmoderated groups out there that arnt spammed and are not full of porn.

    These are the groups that you want. But believe what you will.

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