Hello Guys,

I am having a hard time understanding this one. Lately I have been having a hard time with Adsense. Ever since my earnings dropped from $30 a day I am making hardly anything.

Here is what I did last night, I thought it would fix the problem.

Brand New Dedicated Server
Core2Quad 2.44Ghz
3TB Bandwidth
4 GB Ram

Brand New Theme - JutJut.com

1 Fresh .com Domain Brand new

Blasted to over 20,000 Unmoderated Proxy Groups
Blasted to over 17,000 Owned Groups

Brand New Dedicated IP

I did all of this and I logged on to Adsense expecting $10 and sure enough it said $.16.

This was my first time with unmoderated groups but still I thought the turnout would of been a lot better. Shoot I was making $30 with just 17,000 Members.

And as of 12 hours after the blasts only 500 impressions. This is the worst I have ever seen.

I know it is summer but I have been making between $3-$15 a day from just blasting my 1 proxy a day to my Yahoo Groups.

I even installed Google Analytics and it says 0, nothing.

I just do not even understand.
Any Thoughts?