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Thread: New Type of list

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    Could you pm me a copy as well?


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    As long as this hasn't something to do with paid submissions I'm good, as it's possible I'm going to integrate that for ProxB probably in a few weeks / months...

    |Nico Lawsons

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    I will realse some more about the list while people pay to stay at the top of the list on let's call then 'normal list' this will cost quite a large amount the way my paying system will work is like this, there will be 3 types or listing 1 free 1 costing $0.50 and 1 costing $ 0.20 this way anyone can submit. the free list will work very similar to the free vertion of tech-FAQ the paid has a quite a nice touch, so rember 8pm 0+ GMT 7 hours and 45mins away and I am going to be sending out the breif please pm or post a reply if you would like it thanks

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    I'm looking forward to it!
    |Nico Lawsons

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    i have sent the brief out to following people if anyone else wants to please pm or ask here


    07:55 PMMr.Bill

    07:53 PMpyrron

    07:52 PMAquarezz

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