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Thread: New Youtube Plugin for Glype - Flashtube

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  1. New Youtube Plugin for Glype - Flashtube

    Hey guys,

    New youtube plugin for Glype. Absolutely free.
    Fixes the problems of previous youtube plugins which were:

    • unable to change page while video loading
    • unable to select high or low quality
    • images on youtube broken

    New Youtube Plugin - Flashtube

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    Thanks for the script! For me however the script doesnt buffer and play, it sits until the clip is fully downloaded, then plays. many uses will have moved on by then. Any thoughts? e.g.

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    Found it...I had added two layers of encoding on the site - took off one layer and it worked fine. As I had the second layer for the Iranians and I can no longer monetize them with Adsense, I would rather have Youtube!

  4. Glad to hear you got it working

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    If YouTube Plugin not work, use Glype Proxy with Video Insel - Clips Such Portal - Die Besten Video Clips im Internet This is a YouTube Clone and its work with Glype Proxy without Plugin and PHP Proxy.

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    Ya glype is working very good for me.

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    i have strange error, one of my proxy able to run long duration youtube videos but other proxies cant, i am not sure why it is happening. using same plugin..any ideas ?

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    Alright, just got it working. If your proxy able to play small video but not long ones.. make sure you have kept file size = 0 in glype setting.

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