Im happy to announce the release version of NiX Web Proxy Script. It's one of the most advanced web proxy scripts out there and it offers unique and never seen before features. The software is free of charge for personal non-commercial use.

Script price: $0


NiX proxy script is a free-to-use, web-based proxy script written in PHP which uses MySql database.
It is similar to a typical proxy server; a web-proxy script downloads requested web pages and files
and forwards them back to the user. The service is provided by a web page itself, which allows instant
access to the proxy without editing your browser connection settings.

FEATURES (marked with asterisks are unique)

- Due to advanced server-side caching, the script consumes the least possible resources and improves speed for the end user. ***
- Basic Authorization, FORM POST DATA and cookies support. Supports sites that requires authentication such as forums.
- Supports browsing SSL secured web pages through proxy.
- Secure server-side cookie and authentication data handling. ***
- Temporary file storage and downloads. ***
- Adjustable browsing threads and fully multi-threaded requests. ***
- Traffic statistics for the end user and admin. ***
- OCR protection to prevent automated requests. ***
- Built-in IP LOCATION support. ***
- Built-in additional browsing proxy support. ***

Download and information
A fully working live demo --> It basicly has 100 proxy in one due to additional browsing proxy support

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