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Thread: O2ProxyHost Closing Down. Need Recommendations for a New Host.

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    @GrilledChicked @rome9t9 @UncleP

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I work at it every day.

    Quote Originally Posted by UncleP View Post
    I've just signed up with vectro/xproxyhost too (yesterday), best prices for what's offered. My vps supplier (vpsnoc) started to fail two days ago and vectro was the best alternative, I guess he'll be getting some more business now as well if O2 are going.
    I hope so. Since choosing a new host can be a tough decision I'm offering to ease the transition with 50% of the first billing cycle for O2PH customers along with a 30 day money back policy.

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    When I started in proxy biz I was with vectro and very happy. I can really recommend his hosting from hands-on experience.

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    xproxyhost and vectro is same thing i gues..

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    Web Hosting Provider, Linux & Windows Hosting, Dedicated & VPS Server Providers

    They (or should I just say Andrew?) have been super for me.

    Best really for hosting any type of site.
    Well, seems is down!
    Been down right now for over 2 hours.
    Unusual as I have never seen this.

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    Vectro is acting slow these days..i dont know why..

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    I have used for two years now.

    Its not so much the pricing its the proxy knowledge the guy brings to the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaustubh View Post
    Vectro is acting slow these days..i dont know why..
    Since a few people have been asking about it, I created a thread with updates about the proxy hosting servers:

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