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Thread: Obfuscate Proxy Content to make harder to Block

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    Obfuscate Proxy Content to make harder to Block

    Hi, does anyone currently use - or care to comment on how effective it is/effect on adsense?

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    I was thinking of doing something like this myself, I'd have replied sooner only I couldn't find a link I wanted to share.

    I think google only looks (afaik) at the site content not the actual coded html/php part, (but don't quote me, it's only a guess) so for proxies it could be worth encrypting the main.php template page and then having the contents (config.php) in plain text so the bots can still read it for the ads. I was seriously considering encoding the templates on my proxy themes site so they couldn't be altered but I've resisted so far. I've found a few of the users removing backlinks, against the terms, and adding their own, disrespectful to say the least. Encoding the main.php was one of the things I was going to do for new themes, that would stop any alterations, and still allow plain text contents. It's not been a priority though so it's still on my 'to do' list. I'll more likely do all the templates when I (eventually) revamp the whole site so maybe some testing is called for.

    I have found two good ways to do the encrypting, the easiest way is base64, which I've already used for footer encoding, but isn't so foolproof, and another way that I don't know the name of (JavaScript?) that can be found at HTML Encrypter - Base46 can be googled for, it's more common and is often used for wordpress footer encoding but can be seen in plain text if using the 'view page source' option from a browser. The iwebtool one still looks like code when viewed. I already use Java from Hivelogic to hide email addresses on sites, it makes them clickable but bot resistant.

    The backlinks would also want to be un-encoded to be seen easily by the listing scripts, the glype footer link might be different but that can be removed anyway if you know how, I don't think that's so important imho, as long as it can be seen in the displayed page. I'm also not sure how the other links, like the terms/privacy/cookies etc. would react if encoded, they might have to be left plain to work (the <!-- CONTENT START/END --> tags).

    The one thing I'm not so sure about though is if there's any speed penalties or extra cpu cycles needed for rendering the pages, it could have a negative effect on server/vps performance or user loading times. Sometimes I wish I knew more about these things so I could test properly.

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    My query arose from spotting this site - which if you have a look at the Page Source is ALL completely random. I have been chatting with the owner who says does via server level https (more details when to hand).

    By the way this guy is HUGE in proxies - he has over 700,000 friends on various facebook accounts!

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    That looks like proper gibberish, lol. I guess he's got a code generator script for that, but is there any advantage doing it? Does it stop it getting blocked at all? Any extra server loading? I'd be interested in the for's and against's. The loads of facebook friends thing is probably as much about marketing and advertising so he's put some work in.
    If I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning...

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    As soon as I have anything i will post! interesting though....

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