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Thread: October Adsense Shock - Earnings Down over 80%

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    October Adsense Shock - Earnings Down over 80%

    Hey Guys,

    I have seen a drastic decrease in adsense in earnings sense October 1. My eCPM would bounce around between $.6 and $.9 and now it is barely hitting $.25

    Is anybody else experiencing this or am I smart priced (yet again)

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    I'd say smart priced

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    Can happen when the proxy owners try to make users click accidentally, or they click accidentally and the clicks are not converting for the advertiser, or is a low quality site with low quality traffic. Just few ideas.

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    Smart priced. Try removing adsense from worst ecpm sites [assuming you use channels to track per-site performance]

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    I am getting ready to completly tearn down my proxy network and sell them off. Because I do not know what to do other wise then starting over. lol

    Its somewhat of a mess.

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    Smart priced. Block China and Iran.

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    Should I block China and Iran or redirect them somewhere and about how long do you think it will take to of smart pricing?

    What program do you use, CFS?

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    Strange, your earnings went down 80% while mine raised by around 230% so far Maybe you got smartpriced indeed? Try adding more websites, that have good paying keywords
    |Nico Lawsons

  9. Hmm, my earnings have been steadily increasing over the last few weeks

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    1,137 is getting great SEO traffic, and my new site is also doing great, so I'd say the last few days or so have been the best AdSense days I've had in a while.
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