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Thread: PHP Proxy to Login MySpace

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    Talking PHP Proxy to Login MySpace

    Hey, I'm very new to this proxy business.

    If someone who has experience could tell me how and where to start, I would be entirely grateful!

    01. Can I really earn with this method?

    02. What's the best FREE type of proxy script? Should I get the script from a free site, or pay for one?

    03. Can PHP Proxy use for MySpace login?

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    01. Yes of course, you need to block non-western countries for better revenue and less resource use though.

    02. Glype script is the one to use, it's supported by the developers and has a wide range of themes and add-ons. Available from

    03. Phproxy hasn't been updated for 4 years, I wouldn't bother, use glype and it has a free MySpace plugin included.

    Edit: You won't make your fortune with proxies, each one will only earn a few bucks a month but have a small network of them and it'll build up over time. Don't think of it as your retirement fund, think of it as beer money
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    Thank you very much for the reply. Will let you know the results soon!

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    just upload Glype files to my server. I wonder how to add login details?

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    After uploading go to your site url and you will be prompted for username and password before it will display the proxy, it's built in and you don't have a choice, you MUST enter u/n + p/w first. You might need to chmod the /includes/setting.php file to '666' using ftp program too.
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    Site is up and runing. But the problem is how do I login to admin panel to customize the site?

    No, it didnt prompt me to enter any user name or pass.

    While visiting mysite/admin.php it asked me for login details. But I don't have any..

    Please help me slove this issue.

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    You have to make up a u/n and p/w, it prompts you for one but nothing is set until you enter them, then that's what it stores and uses in the future. The only settings you can do is for basic stuff, if you want to customize it you'll have to upload a theme to the /themes/ folder. You need to change the config file with your details first in the theme, then you can change the theme in admin after you've uploaded it. It sounds complicated if you haven't done it before but is easy really. The second one you do will be easier, promise

    You can find themes using a search or you can look at and take your pick from the glype themes there.
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    Just fixed it. Thank you so much for the information and your kind help.

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