szise mentioned another new proxy script a few days ago, phpMyProxy.

I think that a new proxy script deserves it's own thread.
About phpMyProxy

phpMyProxy is a free, light and powerful php proxy script programed by This free script is released under a GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, so you're pretty much free to use, share, modify, redistribute, etc... but please keep the link to phpMyProxy - free and Open Source PHP proxy script in the footer intact. Have fun with it

Why was it named phpMyProxy? We love phpMyAdmin and PHProxy. So it was named phpMyProxy

And special thanks for Abdullah Arif who was created PHProxy. His excellent script provide me some good ideas for this script. A huge of thanks to everyone who reported bugs, sent me suggestions and feedback.

The template that this free script is using is Decorative. It's a free and designed by Free CSS Templates. If you use this template, keep the link to Free CSS Templates intact.

Why Choose phpMyProxy?

phpMyProxy is free:

phpMyProxy Features:
  • Fast and Secure
  • Requires a little server resource
  • Encode Web Address
  • Supports HTTP methods: GET, POST
  • Supports HTTP Files Uploading
  • Supports HTTP Authentication
  • Supports HTTPS (Secure HTTP)
  • Supports Max File Size Limit
  • Supports Gzip Compression to save bandwidth
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Supports Multiple Themes
  • Supports HotLink Prevention
  • Ability to change behaviour for HotLink Prevention
  • Ability to prevent hotlinking automatically for non-referer visits
  • Ability to customize domains for HotLink Prevention
  • Ability to set default proxy options
  • Ability to freeze proxy options
  • Ability to block hosts

phpMyProxy Server Requirements

PHP 4.0.2+ with cURL and Session Support.