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Thread: Phproxy, should we bring it back into development?

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    I'm all for it! We could do something where if refer != $ then redirect to to prevent hotlinking of your get.php page or whatever you name it, (I'd name it find.php or search.php lol even though no searching)
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    I agree with you Zash. I was having issues with processes hanging and slow performance (page loads for clients) on my proxy sites with Glype. I've been slowly moving my sites away from Glype to PHProxy as well.

    I've been meaning on doing some modifications to PHProxy to allow for mass deployment and management of sites. Haven't even touched it yet though.

    I voted maybe as well. I think while it would be nice to continue development on PHProxy, but most of the features mentioned would be for new users working to setup their first proxies. A lot of GUI enhancements and minor under the hood enhancements.

    I'd personally just like a rock solid, functional proxy script. Which I would then be customized to my needs. Which is essentially what PHProxy is right now, I think. As I've only been using it for a week or so now.

    But I would be for continuing development, as it could only help the community.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by dtkguy View Post
    Isn't that what ProxyMan is all about?
    That's odd. I thought that project was dead, but from the web site it looks quite alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r View Post
    Will, Would you mind explaining with further details, step by step, how the "automated system" you're talking about would work and exactly what it would do so I can understand exactly what you meant?
    I will... as soon as I can set aside a few minutes when I can concentrate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zash View Post
    In the next week or two I'll be testing out CGIProxy and PHProxy because I'm getting sick of Glype. I think I'll keep Glype on my current proxies, but if it continues to deteriorate I'll switch. My only worry about CGIProxy is the resource usage, so PHProxy is a real consideration.

    Why dont you just fix the problem yourself?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dollar View Post
    Why dont you just fix the problem yourself?
    I just started learning PHP, but it's not good enough for me to update/develop scripts and help me out with Glype. I've been able to do basic things like fix the usage of Facebook, but there's still so many things wrong with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorge05r View Post
    Completely agree with you, the new owner of glype owns a website offering a service/tool that Blocks Every type of Web Proxy there is. (PHProxy, Glype, CGIProxy, Custom or otherwise)

    Why would he be interested in buying the script which he is actually offering to block on his other site?
    Really? What site is it?

    I'm a coder and I'd be interested in contributing if we can get a project like this organized and with enough people interested in sustaining it. I think the biggest problem with ambitious projects is lack of interest over time.

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    I would say go for it. I still use PHProxy and Glype as well. It would be nice to see more development and maintenance of PHProxy since it has a good foundation. The source code is open so I'm actually surprised someone hasn't done something big with it already.

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    Thare are already some scripts based on phproxy out. Thought those are death too... They should finish a project first...

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    thanks guys for the support, although I've been away lately this project is still going to happen for sure. I've been receiving a lot of great Ideas, suggestions and features here on this forum, by e-mail and at

    However all these ideas require a lot of planning time, figure out what's possible, what's not, cons and pros, etc. Making a site work with all major social sites is really a bit pain because even if the script works with all of the sites, it could just stop after a few months because of the continuous changes happening every once and then.

    I'm sure if we all work together and have a great support community all the problems can be solved instead of having a script where owner tries to steal by adding mods to replace your ads with his own ads, that really pissed me off even though I don't have any proxies at the moment.

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    It is good to see you back Jorge..or I guess for the moment

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