ProxB.Com is getting an extra traffic boost in the coming days. That's because my hosting bandwidth on TMZ is almost done, and I'm redirecting 100 proxies to the list. So these users are in need of proxies and willing to click on the proxies they see.

Submitting proxies is free; but if you're a real proxy owner and you care about your proxies, you should consider buying a featured listing. These featured listings also include a FREE email blast to over 35000 users!

Have fun all, and hopefully I can see you guys submitting your proxies to ProxB. Remember that the backlink code is one of these:
<a href="http://proxb.com">Proxy Sites</a>
<a href="http://proxb.com">School Proxies</a>
And not another one. Thanks in advance for submitting, I'm sure you will see a RoI (for paid and free listings )

Best regards,
ProxB.com Owner