ProxB.Com will be launched 1st March, but we're in need of some proxies! We couldn't take the list from ProxLists as we totally changed everything and the script, and we preferred starting over with everything instead!

If your proxy still has a backlink to ProxLists.Com:
If your proxy still has a backlink to ProxLists, you can submit it but 15 March we will check all proxies listed and all websites without a backlink will be removed. So please add our new code:
<a href="http://proxb.com">Proxy Sites</a>
After this another site transfer?
No, I wouldn't have changed the domain, but than some people gave me tons of good reasons to do it. That's why there is ProxB now instead of ProxLists.

Little present?
Yes there is a little present! Check out the numbers and what they get for free, for the first 7 days:

Submitted & Approved #1-#3 proxies: Free Red Listing!
Submitted & Approved #4-#10 proxies: Free Green Listing!
All others will get a free random highlighted listing

ProxB will get at least 500 uniques daily (Redirects from ProxLists) so your proxies will be exposured to thousands if you submit it now!

Best regards,
ProxB.Com Staff