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Thread: ProxiesLounge is back after a little break!

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    ProxiesLounge is back after a little break!

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to apologize for having the blog pretty much inactive for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been so busy it’s been difficult to keep up with the blog, themes, articles, etc. However while I was away I managed to plan future posts ideas, monthly posts to keep the site active with at least 3 articles per week.

    Anyways check out the original post to read about our new website improvements and article ideas/plan for the upcoming months.

    Thanks everyone!

    ps. a new theme is coming this month so stay updated.

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    Great By the way, do you choose what proxies to review or can we submit them?
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    I will be reviewing the best proxy lists around, main target is proxy owners and webmasters so I want to provide helpful information so other proxy owners could get a closer look at each proxy list when they decide to advertise their proxy sites.

    I also accept people to submit their lists but it takes time since there will be only 1 review per month. The lists must have a descent traffic and rank. If it's a new list, it must be really unique with something promising to offer.

    ps. Proxy list owners must be aware that the reviews could be either positive or negative and I hope everyone takes each review in a good way as it is, it's just a review from my point of view.

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    Hes baaacccck!

    Good to see you Jorge.

  5. Cool !

    Just noticed you had added a directory... I will be submitting my sites

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    I like the new addition!!! No wonder your Alexa is like off the charts and your like 3 months old.

    btw Please check your inbox here on NB

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