Proxono is a PHProxy fork which might be worth a look:


Proxono is a web HTTP proxy written in PHP used mainly to bypass filter that stop people from visiting certain blocked sites. Proxono could be used to surf the internet anonymously without leaving any traces of the original IP address behind or itcould be used in any work or school environment that does not allow the employees or students to visit sites that have been blocked by the filters.

About Proxono

Because the phproxy project has been abandoned, we decided to do something about it. Proxono has many features which will make the script run faster and use less process power than original phproxy does. One of the main features that Proxono has is that it uses the cURL function to download the pages from other sites, allowing it run faster and smoother on servers because of the compression support. We have also have added an Admin panel to easily manage all the different aspects of the proxy. We also sell some plugins that add a countless amount of features to the proxy script, like the ability to visit the popular social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and others. We have also included an already made templates with the free version of Proxono which should work on all browsers.


  • Curl downloading - makes everything run faster and smoother
  • Authentication Support - login to secure sites via curl
  • Admin Panel - edit any of the options to make a morecustom proxy
  • Plugin system - ability to add a lot more features to your proxy
  • Browsing options - choose options on how to browse proxied pages


  • Youtuber
  • Cache saver
  • Myspace fixer
  • Facebook fixer
  • Filter blocker
  • Unique Url
  • Javascript Encoder
  • Blowfish URL Encoder
  • GZIP URL Encoder