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Thread: Proxy Auto-Submitters

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    Proxy Auto-Submitters

    Automatic Proxy Submitter - Quickly submit your sites to multiple proxy topsites : One stop for all your proxy submission.

    I have had a bit of luck with these auto-submitters, but the second one seems to have stopped working. At least it automatically generates a nice block of HTML backlink code.

    Anyone else use anything similar?

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    The 1.1 you posted is flawed as everyone was going back to 1.0 because he messed something up when he released the 1.1 and provided no support for it.

    Reverse IP Check ಠ_ಠ Proxy Sites
    <?php if ($youask == 'stupid question') { echo ('stupid answer'); } ?>

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    Great links. I searched around those are pretty cool scripts. SEems like people can buy those scripts.

    I saw one going around that allows you to add additional proxy toplists to the list.

    That's great if you plan on running hundreds of proxy websites lol.

  4. You can buy the second one over at dp for 5$

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    so, what script that website use? where I can buy it? is it effective because I do some research when I submit to lots of proxy list, only few of them added my proxy

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