I need some help guys!

So far this is what I've managed to get done with my proxies.

  1. They all feature unique content.
  2. I've used different templates.
  3. I've created a Google group and added the subscribe code to my proxies.
  4. Adsense is running on the proxy homepage only.
  5. Redirects are in place and hotlinking is prevented.
  6. Restricted the max download limit to 5mb.
  7. Added my proxies to 60 toplists, including Tech-Faq etc.

Now I need to work out how to add adverts to the proxified pages, I cannot for the life of my work it out. I need to block the dodgy countries which I should be able to do easily enough. Then I need to get more exposure for my proxies. How do I go about doing that?

Also if you proxy experts can point out any other areas I'm missing, it would be greatly appreciated .